Working Your Home Business Around Your Kids

by Lynn Huber on September 28, 2017

Working Your Home Business Around Your KidsSo you’ve started your home business and it’s really exciting!

But do you feel guilty because your home business takes too much time away from your kids?  After all they are the reason you’re doing this, right?

Or maybe you’re worried that you’re not spending enough time on your business because your children take all your time.

Lots of moms feel this way.  And us moms are the worst at creating self-guilt!

But you can have both a successful home business and be a stay at home mom with happy, healthy kids if you set some ground rules and stick to them.

Here are some ideas to help you make sure that your home business is being built in a happy home:

Establish a routine and stick with it –

Kids need routine and you’ll find that it will help your business.  For instance, if your kids know that you work from 10am to noon and should not be interrupted unless it’s an emergency, you’ll find that you’re not interrupted as much.

Make time with your kids part of your routine –

As long as your kids know what to expect, you’ll find they’re usually ok with it.  Plan a story time before bed, or having breakfast with your kids, or an hour doing homework, or whatever works for you and your family.

Don’t let your business interfere with spending time with your family.  If you plan it out you’ll find that there’s enough for all.  Scheduling daily time with your children will help you remember that your kids are just as important as your business.

Arrange childcare –

Even though you’re running a home-based business, you really can’t give full-time hours to your business and still do justice for your kids.  Sometimes you’ll be able to work your business hours around your children’s school hours or nap times.  But you might need to arrange childcare so you can work a few hours each day while your kids are home and so you don’t feel that they’re being neglected.

If you have a spouse, you may be able to work around each other’s schedules so that one of you is always with the kids.  Or you can trade childcare with other parents in your neighborhood.  Even if you have to pay for it, the increase in your productivity by having those extra hours will be well worth it.

Set rules for your kids –

Explain to your children that you’re running a professional business and need to act accordingly.  Set rules about how the phone will be answered, or the door, or how to act when clients (if any) are around.  A good idea would be to also teach them not to touch Mommy’s desk or interrupt Mommy while she’s in her office.

Include your kids in your business –

Explain to your kids how your home business is going to benefit them.  Help them understand why you are doing it and why it’s important that you be successful at it.  Use your home business as an opportunity to spend time with them teaching them things such as handling money, or time management, or writing orders… anything that they can do given their current age and ability.

Include your children in goal setting.  Goals can be set such that if you reach a certain level of sales, the whole family gets to go to Disneyland, or even camping for the weekend.  Find something that will work for you and your family.

Another great idea… if your children are old enough to work your business, pay them.  It’s a great way to help them learn to manage their money, and can also be a business tax deduction for you.  (Note, I am not a tax professional.  Please talk to your tax advisor before making any decisions around this idea).

Find creative ways to include your children in your business –

Depending on the type of business you have and the type of clients you have, maybe you could hold your meetings at a child friendly place such as McDonald’s and invite your team members to bring their children as well so they can play together while you meet.  Take your kids with you when you go to buy more office supplies or run business related errands.

Stop beating yourself up –

Think of all the working people with full-time jobs and often long commutes.  One of the great things about a home business is that you really do have more opportunities to be with your kids.  Running a home based business means that you not only get to work at home, but live there too!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

lynn huber

p.s.  Don't feel too guilty about electronic babysitters. Many moms know that TV and computer games can come in handy, and it's almost impossible to not occasionally rely on them if you're going to work ably.

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