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Welcome to my Blog

Hello.  I am Lynn Huber, and I want to welcome you to my blog. My goal is to help you achieve success in your Networking Marketing/MLM Business by leveraging the internet along with whatever else you are doing.  The internet has the power to explode your business faster than any other tool available.  But most companies […] Read More

When People Don’t Support Your New Business thumbnail

Have you ever shared your dream with someone, only to have them stomp on it with a few unsupportive words? Unfortunately sometimes the people who say this to you are family members and friends.  This can be a hard pill to swallow and sometimes it can make you want to quit. In fact many do […] Read More

Mindset is a Must for Success

Mindset is a Must for Success

Many times when people start a new business, they concern themselves with the basics… How much money can I make?  What is the product?  How do I make money? All of that is important, of course, but mindset can make all the difference in your success.  If you aren’t solid in your mindset, nothing else […] Read More

Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips

For home business owners, social media is a great way to connect with people, build brand awareness, and spread news quickly.  If you don’t have a social media presence you may be missing out on a lot of exposure. When using social media, the best way to get a return results from your efforts is […] Read More

Brand YOU First

Brand YOU First thumbnail

To become a top earner in MLM or Network Marketing, it is important that you brand YOURSELF first and the products and services that you represent second. Network Marketing is a relationship business more than a sales business.  People join your business because of YOU, not necessarily your company. Product names can evoke certain emotions […] Read More

How to Stay Totally Focused on What Matters Most

The most successful people and businesses are extremely FOCUSED on what makes them the best. There’s so many things that we want to accomplish, and so many distractions that get in our way every day, so sometimes it can be difficult to focus on the important stuff. In today’s world, there is so much going […] Read More

Don’t Have Time to Start Your Business?

With the economy being what it is today, more and more people are starting a home business alongside their full-time day job.  I was one of them. Today we’re going to discuss two issues – 1) you not having enough time to work your business, and 2) your prospect thinking they don’t have the time […] Read More