Welcome to my Blog

by Lynn Huber on February 15, 2010

Hello.  I am Lynn Huber, and I want to welcome you to my blog.

My goal is to help you achieve success in your Networking Marketing/MLM Business by leveraging the internet along with whatever else you are doing.  The internet has the power to explode your business faster than any other tool available.  But most companies forbid you to advertise, and they have to approve of anything you do if you market either online or anywhere else.  That is true if you use their trademark or the name of your company in your advertising.  So to effectively market online, you position YOURSELF first.  You become the expert and offer value to your online prospects.  People buy from people who they know, like and trust.  So just like offline, you use the internet to develop those relationships.  The Internet is changing the way we work, communicate, play, shop and make money. Come along with me and learn how it is changing the way we do MLM Business and Network Marketing.

by Lynn Huber

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Oh Well

by Lynn Huber December 1, 2016
Oh Well!

While we can’t control all the things around us, we can control what we think – and that changes the lens by which we experience our lives and our business success. As I’ve been working through my personal development journey, I began to notice that I was spending a lot of energy fighting things I can’t […]

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Up Until Now

by Lynn Huber November 28, 2016
You Can Never Outperform Your Self Image

There are some very simple things that you can do right now that will absolutely open you all sorts of possibility. These things were not easy for me to learn, and I’m still learning.  I had a lot of patterns that kept me stuck – patterns of thinking, patterns of responding – that got programmed […]

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The Secret to Getting People To Join You

by Lynn Huber November 25, 2016
Believe in Yourself First

Wouldn’t you like to have mind control over people?  Wouldn’t it be great to have them do what you want – join your business or buy your product, or even just take a look at what you have to offer? The idea of getting someone to take notice of you, purchasing your product, joining you […]

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HBS009 Promoting Events

by Lynn Huber November 21, 2016
HBS009 Promoting Events

Welcome to my weekly Home Business Success Podcast In the past few episodes we’ve talked about finding prospects, the mindset you need to have before you start inviting, and we gave you some scripts to use for inviting people to take a look at your presentation.  We talked about your presentation and how to follow-up, […]

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The Fastest Way to Build Your Business

by Lynn Huber November 17, 2016
Taking Action is Critical

You want to start recruiting as soon as you join.  That should be your first action step. Most of the distributors who fail or quit Network Marketing do so, not because they take too much action, but because they’ve done too little.  The most important thing you can train your new team member is how […]

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90-Days to Momentum

by Lynn Huber November 14, 2016
Work Your Business Consistently

I just made a commitment to my upline that I would do 90 presentations in the next ninety days! Sound like a lot?  Well it’s really just one presentation per day, but the focus is more on the end number because one a day will be a little more difficult in the beginning. 90 day […]

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Synergy – The Best Kept Secret

by Lynn Huber November 10, 2016
The Power of Synergy

What is Synergy?  Synergy is the ability of a whole to be greater than the sum of its parts.  When two people come together, they can accomplish more together than each can by themselves. Together, you and I have one relationship.  When we add people to our team, the number of relationships increase.  Then we […]

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What You Need to Know About Your Business

by Lynn Huber November 7, 2016
The Greatest Opportunity in the World

We are lucky to have the greatest opportunity in the world!  But if no one knows what we are talking about we will never be good at presenting our business. It doesn’t matter how small or large your business is, it’s still a business so treat it like one.  If you treat your business like […]

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Become A Lifelong Learner

by Lynn Huber November 3, 2016
Become A Lifelong Learner

If you make the decision to live from a greater awareness, you’ll find all sorts of opportunities will come your way – both in your business and in your life. There’s something that happens when you become a lifelong learner, and you decide to learn every single day and you put the habit of study […]

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Halloween Tips to Market Your Business

by Lynn Huber October 31, 2016
Halloween Tips to Market Your Business

Happy Halloween!  There are lots of ways to market your home business during Halloween. Keep in mind that the more people you get to look at your opportunity, the more people will want to join.  It really is a numbers game. Here are some tips to promote your home business on Halloween: Promotional stickers on […]

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